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Solid Oak hardwood flooring, from Justwood Flooring, available in an array of finishes including; lacquered, oiled, unfinished and also in custom bespoke finish to clients specification. View our extensive range of solid wood flooring.

The Installation of Solid wood flooring can add sophistication and class to any room and is a simple way to transform your home without spending a fortune. If you want to update your decor, solid wood flooring installation provides an affordable and efficient method to add a contemporary feel to your home. For a practical flooring method that is aesthetically pleasing, solid wood flooring ticks all of the boxes.

engineered wood flooring

Engineered Oak floor boards, from wood floor specialists, Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd. [t/as Justwood Flooring], are available in a similar variety of finishes to the solid Oak range. Browse our engineered Oak flooring options.

Engineered Oak Flooring delivers the longevity, durability and unmatched beauty of traditional hardwood flooring and is available in a variety of finishes to complement your existing home décor. It also has additional benefits, such as increased stability and is well suited to rooms having under floor heating. The engineered oak flooring range boasts longer length and wider width specifications making it a versatile option for homeowners.

Solid Wooden Flooring Installation by Wood Floor Specialists Based In York.

Solid Oak and Engineered Oak Hardwood Flooring.

With its natural warmth, insulation properties, durability, ease of working, pleasant feel and beauty; wood has been chosen as the ideal material for flooring for hundreds of years. Solid wood flooring like walnut flooring, engineered oak flooring and wide plank floors offer warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Aesthetically pleasing and practical; traditional oak floors and European oak floor boards are unrivaled by any other flooring material.

The Installation of solid wood flooring and engineered oak flooring can effortlessly grace any interior space. Traditional oak flooring, modern oak flooring, engineered oak floor board and other wide plank floors can be used in everything from living rooms to boardrooms and from school assembly halls to restaurants. Solid oak hardwood flooring, European oak floors and walnut flooring is always a stylish and fashionable addition to any home interior. They offer fantastic value, durability and provide hygienic and easily maintained architectural flooring solutions.

Here are just a few of the wide plank floors and oak flooring products as part of our solid wood flooring installation service:

As a leading wood floor specialists, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. Here at Just Wood Flooring [Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd. t/as], we understand that finding solid wood flooring that is suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers can be stressful. That’s why we offer flooring products that take allergy considerations into account. Our engineered wood flooring is the perfect choice for homeowners that are searching for flooring solutions that are safe for their family.

Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd. [t/as Justwood Flooring] carry a comprehensive stock of premium quality, solid oak hardwood flooring and engineered oak floors at its modern warehouse facility near York. The hardwood used in all Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd’s hardwood flooring, walnut flooring, traditional oak floorboards and engineered oak flooring originates from temperate hardwood forests throughout North America, Europe, Russia and also in forests and woodland further afield.

Oak and Walnut Hardwood Flooring.

Selected sawn hardwood (Oak floors and Walnut floors), following a considerable period of natural, gentle air drying, is kiln dried to an average moisture content of around 10 per cent relative humidity. The hardwood is then, in the case of solid wood flooring, precision machined to a robust tongue and groove section and has its ends precision cross cut and matched, to the same profile, thus providing a precise fit both from edge to edge and from end to end. In the case of engineered wooden flooring, precisely sawn hardwood veneers (of 6mm or 2.5mm thickness, depending on the range of floor boards being manufactured) are carefully kiln dried and bonded to a premium quality plywood backing, normally manufactured from Birch or from a combination of Birch, Poplar and Eucalyptus wood plys. The engineered oak floorboards are then precision machined to a tongue and groove section with precisely matching ends, being profiled with a tenoner, using the exact same machine tooling. The precision machined oak floor boards are machine sanded (wire brushed if appropriate) then processed through state of the art finishing lines, to a variety of beautiful aesthetic finishes (having been smoked/fumed/distressed where appropriate.)

The finishes available include:

Looking for Solid Oak Flooring?

Choose Our Bespoke Finishing ServiceFor those discerning clients who require a more individual, truly hand crafted finish to their European oak flooring, engineered oak floors or other wide plank floorboards; Just Wood Flooring [t/as Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd] wood floor specialists are more than pleased to offer a bespoke architectural floor finishing service. Providing additional enhancing features such as patina ageing, hand distressing, tinting and matt lacquer finishing; you can find the walnut or oak floorboards to suit your needs. The latter can resemble natural oiled wood finishing but with the additional low maintenance and practicality benefits of a hard wearing flooring lacquer.

Our wood floor specialists can provide a bespoke finishing service that available on both hardwood flooring and engineered oak floor boards from our range of unfinished hardwood floors stockholding.