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Engineered Oak 14mm & 15mm Decorative

Harrogate Flooring Company Ltd [t/as Just Wood Flooring] have a comprehensive stock holding of non-structural engineered European oak floorboards. These offer an attractive and highly cost effective wood flooring solution where installation is to be over concrete, existing flooring, or over plywood / chipboard covered joists.

Engineered European Oak – Oiled [14mm]

A great value but high quality ABC grade French oak engineered flooring product. Section size 14(3)x190mm in generous lengths of 1900mm. A small proportion of shorter lengths will be included. A very practical finish that with due care and maintenance will last a lifetime in normal domestic situations.

Engineered European Oak – Oiled [15mm]

This rustic grade German oak engineered floorboard is available in 15(4)x150mm and 190mm board sizes. Lengths are cut to 1830mm with the usual 25% approx of shorter nested lengths. Appropriate for solid screed installations and laying over plywood or chipboard covered joists.

European Oak – Hand Scraped & Antique Oiled

A very good looking engineered rustic Oak floor board. Section size 15(4)x150mm & 190mm with a length specification of 1830mm including approx 25% shorter nested lengths. Can be laid onto solid screeds or over chipboard / plywood run over joists. Very hard wearing and ideal for cottage and country properties.

Engineered oak 14mm and 15mm floor boards  represent extremely cost effective flooring solutions. Whether your subfloor is concrete, other solid floor screed, plywood over joists or chipboard over joists, existing wood floor or tiles, then these thinner floor boards are suitable for installation. Once such an engineered wood floor is laid, it is impossible to tell that it is not a traditional 21mm solid oak floor. In fact, thinner oak floorboards, such as these, have a slight advantage over thicker boards in terms of heat transfer, where under-floor heating is installed. The advantage is marginal but if the heat transfer is a significant issue, then 14mm and 15mm boards are worth due consideration. Additionally, where wood floor boards are installed over water pipe underfloor heating it is sensible to restrict the thickness and width of the wear layer as far as the client or architectural specifier can accept.