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engineered oak flooring - structural

Structural engineered wooden floor boards have a thickness of 20mm or more, enabling them to be laid directly over floor joists with spacings of 400mm or less. They encompass all the natural beauty, practicality and durability of traditional solid wood floorboards but have considerable additional advantages in terms of sectional stability, particularly where under-floor heating is installed.

Structural European Oak Lacquered

Engineered oak flooring 21mm having a 6mm wear layer. Suitable for laying over joist, plywood or concrete. 240mm / 260mm /280mm and 300mm wide and in lengths of 2200mm, allowing a small proportion of shorter nested lengths. Available in beautiful rustic grade.

Structural European Oak Oiled

Having the same construction as our lacquered product but with a natural hard wax oiled finish, this elegant flooring is available in rustic grade. Our most popular selling finish. Available in widths of 150/190/220/260mm. Lengths of 1830-2200mm.

Structural European Bespoke Oiled

A vast range of bespoke oiled finishes applied to engineered Oak floor boards in widths of 150/190/220/260mm and in lengths of 1830-2200mm, allowing 25% shorter nested lengths. Available in rustic grade and giving sufficient strength and rigidity to be laid over joists or alternatively over solid sub-floors

Bespoke finishing available on this product.

Structural European Oak Unfinished

Available in 150/190/220/260mm widths by 1830-2200mm lengths, same construction as our other 21mm engineered products. Ideally suited to our bespoke wood finishing service for a tailor made look. Available in rustic grade ex-stock.

Bespoke finishing available on this product.

Structural European Oak Brushed & Unfinished

Very similar to our 21x190mm unfinished product except with a wire brushed grain for added character and texture. Suitable for our bespoke wood finishing service for an individual look. Rustic grades available ex-stock.

Quality Engineered Wood Flooring by Just Wood Flooring [Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd t/as]

In certain cases, engineered floor boards can also offer value advantages in terms of both product cost and fitting times.

Engineered single strip planks (once laid) give no clue as to the plywood substrate beneath their beautiful solid wood wear layer construction. They look in every way exactly the same as traditional solid wood floor boards.

Engineered wooden floor boards are less prone to sectional movement then their solid hardwood counterparts and therefor do not swell or contract to the same extent as solid wood flooring, when exposed to changes in relative humidity.

In particular they tend to “gap” to a lesser extent than traditional solid floor boards when exposed to very dry conditions.

Engineered boards can be fixed using secret nail (at a 45 degree angle through the tongue), face nail or face screw and plug, into plywood over joists or concrete. They can also be laid as floating floors or as fully glued floors. Please refer to Installation Information and Disclaimer & Care sections of this website for details.