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Engineered Walnut Flooring 15/18mm Decorative

American black walnut is a beautiful and highly sort after species. It looks elegant in any situation. Particularly suited to contemporary luxury properties, it is equally appropriate to period homes and heritage properties.

American Black Walnut – UV Cure Oiled

A natural grade black walnut engineered floorboard in a substantial 18(4)x127mm section size. Lengths are random, ranging from 400mm up to 1700mm averaging 750mm or longer.

American Black Walnut Lacquered

This exceptional quality American black walnut product is available in 15(4)x148mm section and boasts a very generous length specification of 1860mm allowing 25% shorter nested lengths.

American Black Walnut Unfinished

A very attractive unfinished walnut product that can be lacquered or oiled at our warehouse or alternatively on site. Section size is 15(4)x148mm with a natural grade 4mm wear layer and a substantial length spec of 1860mm allowing approx 25% of nested lengths.

American black walnut engineered floorboards from [Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd t/as] are manufactured from one of the most highly prized hardwood species the world over. Walnut flooring has a beautifully decorative fine grain, displaying striking colours and grain texture. Walnut flooring is equally at home in a listed period property or in a modern city living apartment. Walnut floors look good either lacquered, oiled or waxed but we would advise that the latter two options are by far the most practical. The lacquered variety can scratch fairly easily and as with many other dark hardwoods the scratches show light coloured and thus stand out. Oils and waxes are much more forgiving in this respect, as light scratches will virtually disappear with the wipe of an oil or wax bearing cloth. Deeper scratches can be sanded and re-oiled or re-waxed.