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Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd. Samples.


Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd. are happy to provide hand samples, either by post or collected from our premises.

Samples are useful in demonstrating the quality of machining and coating to be expected; however, please bear in mind the following fact:

Wood is a natural product. The colour, texture and grain characteristics will vary considerably within the same plank of a tree, and from plank to plank from the same tree; let alone between different planks from different trees!

For that reason a hand sample can never be representative of a full floor, it merely gives an indication of how part of the floor might appear. A photograph of the grade and finish [laid] along with a hand sample usually gives a very good indication of how the floor will look.

Just Wood Flooring (currently) send samples free of charge – WITH THE EXCEPTION OF METAL COATED FLOORING SAMPLES, which due to their extremely high value must be charged for. The charge, however, is deducted from the final invoice value of the installation. All we ask is that you give us broad details of your project such as:

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.