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Floating Floor Installation

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Floating Floor Installations – Glossary

“Floating floor” is a term given to any wooden flooring that is not directly fixed to a subfloor. This method of installation is only appropriate to laminate flooring and to engineered wood floor boards.

Adjacent boards are either glued to one another (tongue into groove) in the case of traditional T&G engineered boards or fixed to one another using a click system (see the click section of this glossary).

Floating floors are often laid on top of a foam underlay, which helps to suppress creaking and tapping of the floor against the subfloor in use. Where appropriate, for instance over a concrete floor, a vapour barrier can be used beneath the underlay.

In floating floor installations there should be no other fixing method employed. For instance never use a combination of face fixing and T&G gluing.

Solid wood floors should NOT be floated.