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Glue Down Installation

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Glue Down Installation – Glossary

Suitable method of installation of solid Oak floor boards and engineered Oak and Walnut flooring over concrete and solid screed sub floors. In certain circumstances, a fully glued down wood floor installation can be the most appropriate, particularly in large rooms with widths over 7 metres and lengths over 12 metres.

Provided the concrete sub-floor is in good condition [i.e. sound, flat and smooth] and is properly dried, to a maximum relative humidity stipulated in the relevant British Standard,  the screed should be primed with a liquid primer and damp proof membrane [usually two coats] then a compatible flooring adhesive used to fully glue down the floor. Tongues and grooves are left dry [i.e. NOT glued].

Although costs need to be considered in terms of material and labour, this is most appropriate for large floor areas and where good heat transfer from water pipe under floor heating is an important factor.