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Walnut (juglans sp.)

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Walnut (juglans sp.)

There are over 20 varieties of the Walnut (juglans) family of trees. Walnut is a broad leafed deciduous tree that grows in temperate forests throughout the northern and southern hemispheres. As well as providing shelter with its broad leaves and substantial canopy, it also provides food in the form of Walnuts and when harvested provides walnut lumber and walnut veneer of the most beautiful, rich and attractive wood grains the world over.

Walnut [heart wood] is one of the few temperate hardwood species durable enough to be used in exterior joinery and wood work – other truly durable temperate species include Elm, White Oak heartwood and Sweet Chestnut wood.  The grain texture though is so fine that Walnut is used in extremely prestigious fine cabinet work. The root of the Walnut tree contains undoubtedly the most attractively decorative wood grain and is highly prized for small woodturning and woodcarving work, not to mention very fine marquetry work.
The most widely known and traded Walnut species are probably:-
American Black Walnut – juglans nigra
English Walnut – juglans regia
European Walnut – juglans regia
Japanese  Walnut – juglans ailantifolia
Turkish Walnut – juglans regia

Other species include
Californian Walnut – juglans californica
Bolivian Walnut – juglans boliviana and
South American  Andean Walnut – Juglans neotropica