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Metal Coated Flooring

A contemporary, very exclusive and visually stunning enhancement to hardwood flooring. Achieved with the hand application of a tough metal veneer to the surface of hardwood floor boards. A variety of metals can be used such as copper, zinc, gold, silver and white gold, to name just a few. The variety of brushed textures applicable to the wood grain, prior to coating, result in a huge array of beautiful bespoke effects. Samples can be supplied, however, considering the costs and logistics involved a reasonable charge is made which is deducted from the final invoice.

Ingrained Metal

A striking effect produced with a light mechanical brushing of the wood floor grain prior to application of the metal. The effect can be created on any of our floorboard widths, from 125mm up to 300mm.

Deep Ingrained Metal

A harsh mechanical brushing prior to metal treatment creates a stunning product to enhance the most exclusive living spaces. Justwood flooring are happy to discuss installation anywhere within the UK and further afield.

Fully Metal Coated

A fully coated effect can be applied to a sanded (flat) floorboard or a lightly brushed board (as pictured). Again any board width can be offered.

Metal coated, engineered oak floors provide a fresh, extremely attractive and also practical floor covering. Their metal veneer or ingraining provides a very hard wearing surface, however, as with any other wood floor finish, common sense measures should be taken with regard to care and maintenance (please see the relevant section on this site). Grit, sand and dirt will still scratch the surface of metal coated flooring, so the floor should be swept regularly with a soft dry sweeping brush. If anything is spilt on the floor, it should be quickly wiped clean with a soft damp cloth and dried with a towel. Foam pads should be applied to furniture feet and to the underside of chair legs.

Liquid metal coating, of engineered or solid oak floorboards, is a relatively recent and specialised method of finishing. It is extremely demanding in terms of expertise, materials and also in terms of labour, bearing in mind that the whole process from board preparation and masking, through application and rubbing back, to final finishing and polishing is very much a “made by hand” process. Metal coatings including silver, gold, zinc, bronze, nickel silver, copper and pewter finishes have been applied to engineered wood floors in prestigious, high class residential and commercial properties across the UK and continent for the past 5 years or so. The effects possible are stunning,  individual and infinitely variable considering the permutation of species of wood, board size, timber treatment, grain texture, type of metal, type of top coat and sheen there of.  Although metal coated floors are expensive they should be considered as an investment and will truly enhance the value of any high end property.