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The Fidbox Floor Protector is a sophisticated, electronic sensor and recorder of floor level temperature and humidity. It is placed discreetly and invisibly in a routered slot on the underside of a floor board. Wood flooring is deliberately manufactured with a moisture content to suit typical living conditions in the home. People are generally comfortable and healthy living in temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius and 45-60% Relative Humidity. If wood flooring is exposed to temperatures and humidity significantly above and below those levels then it will begin to show symptoms such as shrinkage, expansion, bowing, cupping, warping or splitting. If such symptoms begin to occur, the Fidbox can be woken up and provide data which will identify the cause of the problem before lasting damage is sustained by the flooring.

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Warranty [5 year structural]

At the Harrogate Flooring Company Ltd. we fully appreciate the investment that our clients make in their choice of a hardwood floor. We are very confident in the quality, durability and longevity of our wood flooring products, given their proper care and maintenance.

Where the added piece of mind of a five year guarantee of the structural integrity of our flooring is required, we are happy to offer this, provided that our recommended Fidbox Floor Protector, underfloor heat and humidity sensor / recorders are installed, when the floor is laid.

The discreet Fidbox unit is located within a floor board – so it is totally invisible, once the floor is laid. The unit wakes up every 8 hours and records the relative humidity and temperature, both above and below the sensor, then sleeps again. The units continue to waken and record data [every 8 hours] for a period of approximately 7 years, around which time the battery runs out. All stored data is retained in the memory of the unit. This data [if ever a problem becomes evident] is uploaded to a PC and examined. The likely cause of the problem identified – for instance a pipe leak or a thermostat failure and the cause can then be rectified, normally before any lasting damage is done to the floor.

The Fidbox [version 6 and newer] units communicate with an iPhone or Android phone and will alert the householder to sudden spikes in temperature and / or humidity. At the Harrogate Flooring Co. Ltd we consider Fidbox Floor Protectors to be en essential safeguard in monitoring temperature and humidity levels particularly where the flooring is installed over piped under floor heating systems.

Please ask for full details of our five year structural warranty if you are considering the installation of one of our engineered wood floors.

For further information regarding Fidbox Floor Protectors please visit or their UK and Ireland import agent